“Spring!  A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

Spring is a time of new beginnings!  In counseling, you can learn new ways of dealing with relationship or emotional issues, and create new healthy habits.  I offer a safe space to talk about your feelings and navigate your life’s journey.  If you are feeling stressed or anxious, I have lots of effective and easy anxiety coping techniques to share.  Whether you need just a few sessions or longer term counseling, I am here for you.


Please contact me today for a free 15 minute call.  Learn how you can have a vibrant Spring season through counseling and/or hypnotherapy.


LCHC helped me overcome my fears and anxieties … Amy’s relaxed, non-judgmental approach to hypnosis was very successful.  She customized therapy and CDs specific to me, that I continue to use, ensuring lasting results.”


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“I would recommend anyone looking into hypnotherapy to see Amy. She’s easy to work with and definitely takes the time to understand what the key issues are, so that she can put a program together to effectively address them. Very happy with my results over this past year. Thanks, Amy!”

– DL

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Celebrating 23 years of helping
“Improve your life through the power of your mind!”

I help many clients with hypnotherapy for issues including:

Relieve Anxiety & Stress
Conquer Procrastination
Self & Social Confidence
Improve Concentration & Focus
Stop Teeth Clenching

Healthy Weight
Reduce Pain
Release Phobias
Sleep Better
Enhance Clarity

Optimize Your Health
Think Positively
Alleviate Depression
Public Speaking
Stop Smoking/Vaping/Dipping

All hypnotherapy clients receive customized hypnosis mp3 downloads.