Anxiety Testimonials

“I am doing very well.  I rarely find myself overwhelmed with social anxiety (at gyms, restaurants, church, etc.) these days.  And in those few times where I start to feel anxious or nervous, I’m very quick to start using the breathing technique (and if needed, some of the other techniques) that you introduced me to, and it definitely helps.  I’m very grateful for our sessions and all of your help.”

– DS

“I enjoyed feeling calmness and empowerment. I recommend you all the time.”

– MS

“Thank you for helping me to feel safe on my trip out West! I used my techniques and audio recording quite frequently, and they were very effective. We were often driving on roads that were high up.  At one point, we were driving in Wyoming along a plateau, and the weather looked really sketchy. I was worried about a tornado, as well as the camper we were pulling behind us. I listened to you in my ear pods and just kept my eyes opened so I could see the beautiful sights! It really helped me to relax and enjoy the moment.  Hiking in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons was a little nerve-wracking knowing that bears, moose and bison could show up any time! It was a little tough to overcome my worries, but I kept saying, “I am not going to give the thought any energy until I need to” and that helped.  Amy, I can’t thank you enough.  The techniques you teach me give me the confidence to face my fears and push myself to enjoy amazing adventures with my family! As always your techniques came through to allow us all to have a great trip!

– SS

“My treatment and counseling at the Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center was very beneficial to my personal life and I highly recommend their services. The program was fairly priced and professionally administered.”

– GM

“I’ve suffered from symptoms of anxiety for 20 years now. Amy has taught me effective relaxation techniques that make my disorder much more manageable. I have not had a full blown panic attack since my sessions with her, and fully credit her with that fact! If you suffer from anxiety, give Amy a call. Her techniques work!”

– LL

“I loved my hypnotherapy sessions with Amy. Her voice is so soothing, and she did a great job tailoring the content to my specific needs. I am so glad my psychologist recommended her to assist with my mental health needs.”

– NN

“After one year, I am still not having anxiety attacks.”

– SR

“I just flew again, used the techniques, and did well. I listened to the CDs for preparation. I needed these tools you taught me. I feel more in control, and I most enjoyed how the hypnotherapy was so relaaaxxxing. Thank you!”

– SS

“I was very pleased with the results from my sessions with Amy. I most enjoyed the calmness it brought into my life.”

– ER

“It feels wonderful to relax completely and hear positive words. I am finally able to relax!”

– AO

“LCHC helped me overcome my fears and anxieties, after I successfully battled Crohn’s Disease. Amy’s relaxed, non-judgmental approach to hypnosis was very successful. She customized therapy and recordings specific to me, that I continue to use, ensuring lasting results.”

– RS

“Lakeside CHC has successfully helped me with a severe phobia with flying. Since the taped hypnotherapy session, I have had no problems — and it’s been 1 year. Thanks!”

– RH

“I was having anxiety and tension, and needed stress management. After my session with Amy, I experienced immediate relaxation and continue to use my personal CD to reinforce the positive messages and affirmations. Also, prior to having knee replacement surgery last fall, I listened to my relaxation and healing affirmation CDs and had an excellent pre-op and post-op experience. I have recommended Amy Bernstein to several friends.”

– GB

“Amy first taught me how to administer EFT to myself (A form of healing involving “tapping” that helps with stress relief.) Then I did a hypnotherapy session and I was SO RELAXED. The best part is that I get to take home a CD of our session so I can do it at home. I learned how to relieve day-to-day stress, which is what I needed to work on. (She tailors the session to your needs.) Amy’s awesome! I highly recommend! And thank you Amy!

– KA

“I would highly recommend that any person dealing with stress, anxiety or phobias give hypnosis a chance. [My] Lakeside Center hypnotherapist was concerned and sympathetic to my needs. My sessions were productive and catered to my exact needs.

– JM

“I was afraid to fly. I wanted to go to an event that was important to me and hypnotherapy helped me accomplish my goal. It worked.”

– EK