Healthy Weight Testimonials

I have been doing great!  I am down 10 pounds!  I slipped off the routine of listening to the recordings, but I have hopped back on that wagon, and I’m continuing to push myself to keep up with all of my new habits!

– TB

I wanted to let you know I hit my goal weight this morning and still haven’t touched candy.  Thank you for your help.

– RS

My weight is down about 8 pounds since we started a little over a month ago.  I feel very happy with the changed behavior.  It feels like the new normal.  My wife is happy and likes my progress and notices it as well.  So far, not really any major “slips” or deviation; I still have temptation, but I manage that craving by shifting position/focus to something else.  I’m kind of amazed that I wake at night and I’m not food-obsessing, just having normal thoughts. The hypnosis also helps for relaxation and blood pressure control. Thanks again!

– TL

“I am doing great! I have lost 25.5 pounds to date! I have about 8 more to go to be at my goal weight. I am continuing to go to classes at the gym and am staying focused on my goals.”

– KM

“The positive and centering hypnotherapy sessions with Amy at Lakeside CHC were the impetus for my 88 pound weight loss within 12 months. I have struggled with the discipline required in the past, and I never approached a healthy lifestyle with true conviction until I experienced hypnotherapy. Fast forward 14 months to now, and I can sincerely say that the “key” to weight management has revealed itself to me. With the aid of Amy’s sessions as the foundation of my weight loss journey, it is now clear to me that calming and centering positive reinforcement is critical to sustained success … plus an enlightened viewpoint regarding self-discipline. Thank you, Amy!”

– EW

“I am very happy with the results of our sessions.  I went from 217 lbs down to 185 lbs, I have added a few lbs over the holidays but find it easy to make the right choices.  Thank you for your help.”

– TL

“Everything is going great! I am down pushing 30 lbs and my sugar is down by half (sometimes even more). I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have helped me with.”

– JE

“When I came to you I was 330 pounds. Three months later, I am sitting at 271. Still walking every day, even on vacation. I was in size 44 pants and am starting to wear size 38 now. Still no soft drinks, sweets or overeating. I eat until I’m full and then back away. I eat extremely healthy. Still about 60 pounds from where I want to be, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. “

– JS

“Thank to Amy’s treatment I continue to exercise 2-3 times per week, have maintained my weight loss, and there’s no chocolate ice cream in my freezer.”

– MM

“I must admit I was skeptical at first. After years of trying to lose weight and feel better about myself, I had reached a point where I was willing to try anything. Amy provides a safe, friendly environment for the sessions. There is a high level of privacy that I appreciated. The sessions were very relaxing. I would recommend Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center to anyone open to new approaches to their issues.”

– AH

“I am 20 pounds lighter than when I came to see you! I’m a featherweight. I think our work set the stage for when I was really ready. Been at this weight for probably 2 months. A miracle!”

– DE

“I am delighted with the results of my hypnotherapy sessions with Amy Bernstein for weight loss. Over the course of several months I lost a pound a week, losing 30 pounds in all. When friends and family asked me how I did it, I told them I did it through hypnosis! Thanks Amy!”

– SC

“About a month ago, I started seeing Amy for binge eating. I had gained about 20 pounds since we moved here last year. My normal healthy eating patterns just fell apart. I was often still eating healthy things, but my portion control had disappeared. And I started eating HUGE amounts of cereal & other crunchy things about 11 pm. Since my first of three visits, I have miraculously not had a single snack of cereal at night. I allow myself a sliced apple or a cup of grapes and actually feel satisfied. I have become able to STOP myself from making bad choices, and ask myself why I really want to eat … After completing the third and final visit, I realized I am feeling more in control of myself. I feel like I have overcome some bad habits and, with Amy’s help, have redirected myself back to healthy eating… [Since my last session a few weeks ago] I have lost 10 pounds.”

– JW

“Using the hypnotherapy CDs for weight loss has been such a success! I tend to eat more when I’m stressed & the CDs not only filled my subconscious with healthy suggestions, but allowed me to take time for myself & relax. I always felt so renewed after each session.”

– AM

“I am writing to let you know how amazed I continue to be with the results of your hypnotherapy… My chocolate fixation just appeared to be getting worse the older I got… I would continue to get these chocolate cravings that I just couldn’t shake… The funny things is, I only listened to the tape four times. It really worked! I have not had any chocolate for months. I have occasionally inadvertently had some chocolate (in a cookie, for example, when I didn’t know it was in there) and my reaction to it has been, “Oh, that was chocolate” rather than, “Wow, I want more!” I do think I am a success story for you, and I am sure that many people out there would benefit from your calm, relaxing voice and the suggestions that you provide.

– SB

“I wanted you to know that I have lost 30 pounds so far… the hypnosis really did work… I no longer obsess over food like I used to, and I know that is due to the hypnosis. Thank you for all your help.”

– GF

“I am asked all the time ‘How?’ and you are recommended all the time… I needed it to connect, and it did! I use EFT successfully, helping me through stressful times. I must say I could not go without your affirmation CD. The question wasn’t whether or not I was going to lose the weight, the questions was when! I am making healthy choices – thank you!”

– ML