General Testimonials

“I love the hypnosis! I believe it has helped.  I have had quite a few nights where I have slept 7 hours. I have occasional difficulty sleeping but nothing like before. I listen to my hypnosis every night and will continue to do so.  Thank you so much!.”

– AC

“Thank you so much for everything.  You are wonderful.  I thoroughly got so much from the hypnosis, and just talking things out with you.”

– RO

“I am happy to say the two hypnosis recordings are helping me. Thank you so much for helping me out of the rut I was in.”

– MK

“Thank you for your help. I am doing well! I am about 80% better, and I’m confident that my TMJ will continue to improve. I am very grateful for you.”

– JR

“The hypnosis seems to be helping my son’s insomnia! He is much better. He has not taken any melatonin since we met with you, and he has listened to his recording every night going to bed since we met with you. So glad we came in to see you!”

– AG

“Amy came recommended very highly by my physician, who had also seen her. I was struggling with increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and I hoped that she could help. She certainly did. She helped me to find clarity and coached me through certain aspects of building better communication skills. Amy helped me to significantly reduce the impact of stressful events in my life. I think you’ll find her pleasant to talk to and insightful about whatever you’re going through.

– CH

“Hypnosis is really so simple. Through relaxation, you can open yourself up to the help you need. Through the CDs, I can renew my therapy experience.”

– TW

“I have struggled with depression for 20 years. This process has been one of the most helpful in reducing my depression symptoms.”

– CT

“I continue to listen to the session on days that I am struggling the most. It always decreases my level of anxiety and helps me to find peace from the intensity of my grief. I have sought many forms of therapy since the death of my son. The session with you was the only one that helped. Other therapy sessions left me angry because they did not recognize that losing a child is the worst form of grief.”

– LS

“You are an angel with an angelic voice. I most enjoyed your calming voice and the state of mind you put me in. I am glad to still have my hypnosis CDs to help me.”

– DD

“I’m doing well, and sleeping, too! All in all, the hypnosis has been a lifesaver! This is the first time in about 10 years that I haven’t been on some sort of sleeping medication … For the most part, when I do listen to the sessions, I go to sleep long before the session is over. Thanks again!”

– MO

“Amy was very easy to talk to, and helped me to be more organized and confident.”

– MF

“I was referred to Amy by the psychotherapist I was seeing. It was determined that the best course of action for my trichotillomania (hair pulling) would likely be hypnotherapy. It was important to my regular therapist that I see someone reputable, and she said that Amy was that person. I was immediately comfortable with Amy. While I was hopeful that this therapy would help me, I was not entirely optimistic. I had been pulling my hair for almost 5 years at that point…I cannot begin to express how happy I was to be wrong in my pessimism. Following the second and third sessions, I was astonished at the results. Not only were my hair pulling episodes greatly reduced, but when they did occur, their duration was much shorter. I continued to listen to the CDs of my office sessions at home for several weeks and found that I had all but stopped my hair pulling. The behavior had stopped because the intrusive thoughts that I needed to pull my hair had stopped … I am now a year out from my hypnotherapy with Amy and, with the exception of a few transitory episodes, I have been free of my disorder. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Amy for her help. I am so thankful that I was referred to her.

– KC

“Hypnosis allowed me to deal with my issues in a better way. I like that Amy caters to a person’s different needs.”

– LB

“I came to Lakeside Hypnotherapy with a unique request/need. I have been unable to stand hearing other people eat since I was a young child. It began to cause so much anxiety for me, that I avoided certain people and situations. I was hopeful that this would work, but I couldn’t really imagine that it would I’m happy to say that after the session, I could immediately tell a difference. I listened to the CD for a few weeks, every night. One year later, I’m 95% cured! I can honestly say it’s been life changing for me. Thank you so much!”

– KS

“It’s difficult to make changes in habits all by yourself. Working with you, Amy, has made many differences for me. I appreciate the customized CDs you make for me. They help me to sleep better, and adopt better life habits that lower my blood pressure and the amount of meds I need to take.”

– KC

“Having never tried hypnosis before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have been amazed at how much my sessions have helped to break through blocks that traditional talk therapy couldn’t do fully, including negative self-talk and anxiety. Being able to listen to the sessions again is an added bonus, so that depending on what I need in that moment, I can take a break and enjoy my hypnosis [CD/mp3]. I also love that each session is customized to my specific situation … it’s not just a generic script. Through hypnosis, I’ve been able to plant seeds in my subconscious that have resulted in small but very important changes for my health, including drinking more water, taking deep breaths in moments of stress, eating healthier food, and believing that calm and peace are attainable every day. I highly recommend!”

– KS

“Each treatment gave me emotional strength to deal with life’s issues … I keep referring to my CDs when I find myself in need of extra support … I know I will keep the benefits to refer to in the future … I like to know that I can come to a safe, secure place and receive support when my head gets in the way.”

– KG

“When I came to see you I had been seeing medical doctors, chiropractors and massage workers for over 4 years, in an attempt to find some relief from chronic pain that has been diagnosed as neuropathy. None of the treatments had helped at all, and most had caused additional pain as they were administered. The hypnosis treatment that you provided did reduce the pain while I was in the session and for a short time afterward. You also showed me how to hypnotize myself and lower the pain level anytime I needed. I have found this new skill to be very helpful and use it almost daily in some form…An additional advantage is that your treatment was much less expensive than most of the medical treatments. The spinal cord stimulator’s cost was over $100,000 and it didn’t work as well as the hypnosis…I will continue to tell my clients who have any of the problems which might be helped by hypnosis, Why not at least try it? With zero side effects, and such a small cost, I would hope anyone would see if you can help them.”

– RK

“With using the CD, and other things I have applied to my health and daily routine, I have never felt so on top of my game. I most enjoy having my own CD, personalized to my own needs and wants!”

– ND

“It’s been 9 months, and I still listen to the CDs. With their help, I am finally putting myself first in my life, without guilt. It was time. I enjoyed making the CDs and listening to them at home, and believing what I was hearing.”

– ML

“My husband and I had tried to conceive a baby for over two years, including multiple in vitro treatments. I saw Amy Bernstein for hypnotherapy as I was preparing to undergo IVF treatment. As well as tailoring hypnotherapy scripts for me, Amy also taught me EFT, which I used frequently to relieve the anxieties associated with infertility treatment. I felt that Amy’s help contributed to our success. I got pregnant during our first round of IVF and today have a delightful little son.”

– KH

“When I made my first visit to Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center, I had been dealing with ongoing chronic pain for several years. I have spinal osteoarthritis and a herniated/fractured L5/S1 disk. I was taking pain medication, had three spinal epidurals, had physiotherapy, and was considering spinal surgery. I read an article in the Mayo Clinic newsletter pertaining to hypnotherapy and chronic pain. I knew this was the alternative for me. It has been one year since I began hypnotherapy with Amy. What a blessing it has been. I still do hypnotherapy on a regular basis, along with EFT. I have been off of all prescription medication for a year, do back exercises, and enjoy walking. With grateful thanks,”

– AO

“Amy Bernstein went through every detail with you before the session started. Amy made sure you understood what would happen while under hypnosis. Amy came highly recommended by my dentist. [It has been over one year] and I am still not grinding my teeth at night. I definitely would recommend her to anyone with any kind of problem.”

– ER

“Thank you for … helping me be more comfortable in public speaking situations. Just as you suggested in the tape, I was calm, poised, relaxed, and comfortable. I had no anxiety whatsoever. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was. I actually looked forward to the event. I spoke for an hour and was perfectly comfortable. I feel more confident in public speaking now than ever before in my life. Again, thank you for your professional help. It works!”

– PB

“I feel the session [had] a definite positive impact… very relaxing and effective.”

– BL

“Amy Bernstein was very easy to talk to, although I had never met her before my therapy sessions… She is very personable. I feel that I have begun to get a “grip” on my life and begun to put things in perspective.”

– SJ

“I found the insomnia hypnosis tape to be very helpful at bedtime. I put the tape on when I go to bed. Usually I fall asleep 10 to 20 minutes later.”

– ED

“Amy’s CD was very thorough and helpful. She listened carefully to my goals and included all of them, not just the main one for which I had contacted her. I found her to be very professional. She helped me from a distance. Though I live hundreds of miles from Lakeside, I received good care.”

– NY

“The whole hypnotherapy session(s) were wonderful, and I would do it again in a minute. Amy answered all my questions at the beginning of each session, explained the procedure, and addressed any concerns at the completion of the session(s) as well. Amy is the consummate professional, and I felt very confident in her care. I would highly recommend Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center to any individual seeking to improve certain areas of their life.”


“It was a life changing experience. I wish I’d have seen Amy sooner.”

– MK

“I went to see Amy for both EFT and Hypnosis. My experience was very enlightening and helpful with the issues I went to see her for. I highly recommend her. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything very clearly.”

– ML

“Amy was very professional and empathetic to my issues. She developed a tailored program to address my needs, and I’m happy to report it was a wonderful success. The mind is very powerful, and she harnessed that power to put me on the path to healthiness. I exceeded my goals and accomplished it in a time frame I didn’t think was possible. I would encourage everyone to embrace the power of suggestion in your mind to achieve your goals. [Also] I found EFT to be helpful. Thank you so much Amy!”

– DV

“Thank you so much, Amy. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have found you. The work you do for others is truly wonderful. It has certainly changed my life and got me on a new path that I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you more in the near future.”

– BL